Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Forgotten Step In The Fall Of A Nation

The Minor Prophets Speak to Today

The Forgotten Step In The Fall Of A Nation:

Step #Four


I Will Return To My Place

The final step in the fall of a nation, which we often forget, is simple. God will return to his place. In the negative God could have said, "I will turn my back and abandon you." But he does not state his message in the negative. If we ponder it a moment, we see that what he says is a positive statement.

God returns to his place. He stops tearing the nation apart. He stops removing it from its place. He stops the negative steps which ended in the fall of the nation. He calms himself and returns to his place.

And he does not turn his back, he sits on his throne facing the people and watches and waits.


He ends with a positive expectation. He ends with hope and a view towards the day his children will return to him.

Then I will return to my place
    until they admit their guilt and turn to me.
For as soon as trouble comes,
    they will earnestly search for me.   

God simply waits. He know humankind. He knows that as soon as trouble comes, we will earnestly search for him. Of course we might end our search in rejecting him again, but the door will be open and all who will may come in.


Admit their guilt (as individuals and a nation) and turn to God (not some other proposed solutions.

Did you notice?  These are the two requirements which at any step in the fall of a nation would have prevented the fall and lead to a restoration. The same two steps. That's all he's asking. And he makes no addition to them. So before the fall of a nation or afterwards the call to us is:

Admit your guilt and
turn to me.

And God's expectation is positive:

They will admit their guilt
and turn to me.


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