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Leaders Who Shepherd For Power And Profit Called Out

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Anchor Chain - Alaska

Zechariah 11:4-6 NLT

This is what the Lord my God says: “Go and care for the flock that is intended for slaughter. The buyers slaughter their sheep without remorse. The sellers say, ‘Praise the Lord! Now I’m rich!’ Even the shepherds have no compassion for them. Likewise, I will no longer have pity on the people of the land,” says the Lord. “I will let them fall into each other’s hands and into the hands of their king. They will turn the land into a wilderness, and I will not rescue them.”


Surely a good and loving God could not act this way or say these things about his children!

God sends Zechariah to go and care for a flock that is intended for slaughter. Notice, God does not say to go and rescue these people from slaughter. Zechariah is going to shepherd the doomed. Most scholars consider this passage a reflection of the work of the coming Messiah - Jesus. But it is time that we begin to also consider this as a reflection of the coming Messiah on his second trip back to save the faithful

In both cases, the flock is those who bear the name Children of God - us and the Old Israel. In both cases the flock has been bought and sold by leaders who slaughter the sheep without remorse.

These shepherds of God's children, who sell out God's children (us), say, "Praise the Lord! Now I'm rich."

Think about it! What group leaders and prophets are saying this exact quote, this exact way, today? And the sheep flock to them and idolize their riches in hopes of getting some for themselves. What a devasting state of confusion and collusion. Neither the shepherds nor the buyers (the secular leaders to whom these sheep are sold out (yes, think about the people being handed over to the politicians to the death of their souls) has compassion on the churches and people. They feel no remorse for the death-delivering spiral they have created and support.

And all of this in the clear sight and with the full knowledge of God! No wonder so many people do not believe our God is worth serving and want him to answer to their concepts of what a God should do.

But Wait! It Gets Worse!

Despite the denial of the churches, the denial by the individuals who call themselves God's children, and the denial of the leaders of God's flock, God clearly says:

"Likewise, I will no longer have pity on the people of the land. 
I will let them fall into each other’s hands and into the hands of their rulers. 
They will turn the land into a wilderness, and I will not rescue them.”

Now, this applies to Israel, "Yes." But it equally applies to the United States. It equally applies to Russia. It equally applies to Western, Eastern, Northern, and Southern Europe. 

God has declared that we are the sheep who have been bought and sold and are marked for destruction by our ecclesiastical and political leaders and, even more so, by our academics, financiers, wealth classes, and others.

 We are the people upon whom GOD says he will no longer have pity!

Already, we have fallen into each other's hands like a bunch of anarchists looking out for ourselves and opposing most other people.

Already, we have fallen into the hands of our rulers. In our democracies and republics, we people no longer hold any power personally or collectively. Power rests solely in the hands of the ruling classes, the co-opted media, and the financial bosses. 

And we, yes, we God's children have been equal partners in turning more and more of our lands into wildernesses and wasteland.

Already, God has declared over our present age:


I will not rescue them!

Wake up those who call yourselves Christ's! 
Quit deceiving yourselves! 
Maybe you can yet join the remnant 
that will survive.

Photo Credits: 
Anchor Chain - Alaska by JLS Photography-Alaska, some rights reserved
Bayram by Preston Rolls, all rights reserved

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